Hall of Fame welcomes ’85 grad Dennis Gwyn


Laura Smith

Dennis Gwyn, a 1985 graduate, speaks to current students.

Macy McClish, Editor-in-Chief

Standing behind a beautifully carved podium proudly portraying Canyon High’s pride, he speaks of thanks and gratitude all the while imparting wisdom on the new generation.

I graduated high school thinking I was going to be an ag teacher.

— Dennis Gwyn, Hall of Fame inductee

Deputy Chief, volunteer firefighter and Reserve Deputy Dennis Gwyn, a 1985 Canyon High School graduate of 1985 joined the Canyon High School Hall of Fame Oct. 3. 

“I graduated high school thinking I was going to be an ag teacher,” Gwyn said. “I started going to WT preparing for my degree. I had a friend that was a dorm student at the fire department, which is a live-in program where we would do duty nights and keep the station clean in exchange for free room and board.” 

The experience influenced Gwyn to change his career plan.

“Former Deputy Chief of the fire department here in Canyon, Joe Rice, he has since passed on,” Gwyn said. “He was the chief here in Canyon when I was a dorm student. He really helped form my career and where it lead me.”

Gwyn was involved in FFA and choir while in high school.

“I was the FFA vice-president my senior year,” Gwyn said. “Attending stock shows put me on the path of wanting to be an ag teacher. The summer after I graduated high school, I was allowed to go to the national FFA convention along with the ag teacher we had at that time.”

Life started happening, and I let it happen.

— Dennis Gwyn, Hall of Fame inductee

Gwyn said for current students to pursue opportunities while they are young. 

“Life started happening, and I let it happen,” Gwyn said. “I backed off. I finished my associates degree in the last few years. Here I am 52 years old. The education part is what I try to stress the most to high school students. Jump into it, whether it’s a trade program that needs a little bit of touch up or call up your university and get it done while you’re young. Just keep going.”