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The transfer portal is ruining collegiate sports


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has a recent rule change regarding eligibility to transfer. The transfer portal is an online database that allows athletes to begin the transfer process. The transfer portal is organized by year, division, position and sport. Athletes can insert themselves in the collegiate portal after a season making the player eligible to transfer. The NCAA transfer rule was launched in the fall of 2018.

True collegiate fans do not agree with the new launch. Most fans think it is starting to ruin the NCAA. This process does not allow coaches to “build” a championship winning team when they are not able to maintain players for multiple years at a time. Coaches are having to set time aside to create a bond with players to influence them to carry on with their journey.

This portal allows players to commit to a team that they feel is a better fit when really they have already completed this process. Several sports enthusiasts consider this to be treacherous to the original team considering that they chose it as their first program. This has caused coaches to be frustrated while losing players and having to rebuild a team each year.

Another reason that sport supporters disagree with the transfer portal is when a player is placed on the bench instead of starting over a hardworking individual, the athlete escapes from their problem by transferring. This problem may simply be fixed by showing dedication and working just as hard as the others to reach a necessary skill level. However athletes that have suffered from this problem tend to be “lazy” not wanting to put in the effort.

Additionally, when athletes are leaving due to the transfer portal it causes the remaining players to learn a new position that they may not be comfortable in. Constantly having new players on a team causes the team to learn how to work together again.

Although several fans disagree with the new rule, some supporters do agree with this opportunity. There are several reasons for one to switch; Coaching style, team connection, major choice and many more. When a student athlete wants to be able to carry out a successful academic and athletic career the transfer portal allows the student athlete to do so. When entering their name into the portal it offers them a chance at a perfect team fit while opening up options for the major of their choice.

Even though the big solution would be vetoing the transfer rule there has to be some compromisable solutions. Implementing more policies for an athlete to have to reach certain requirements before entering could cause a subtle approach to commitment. Committing to a team is what is causing most of the issue. If an athlete had to stick to a program for enough time they might come to realize how enjoyable the experience may actually be.

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Bradley Enriquez, Staff Reporter
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    Preston McgriffMay 4, 2024 at 9:48 am

    What needs to happen is that they set certain guidelines for freshman ,sophomore, juniors and seniors. A freshman should make a certain amount ,because he had not produced yet,sophomores certain amount, Junior certain amount. If you are all American in any of those years you should be able to make a high tier amount as far as nil but these guys are making too much too soon and they haven’t done nothing. There’s no commitment to the program you choose to make you better. When I played in the ’90s, we could not make money we could not work. what’s going on now, is just a slap in the face. The only thing we ask for is stipend just us to be able to function like regular students. These kids are being promoted as the next big thing since the creation of bread. An 90% of them are not going to play professionally.