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Eagles of Canyon High

Inspired by Humans of New York, Eagles of Canyon High showcases Canyon High School's individuality

Avery Brown
Noah Romero
Marlee Ramirez

Reign Taylor

“I love to express myself through my clothes and makeup,” freshman Reign Taylor said. “It’s an easy way to show who I am on the inside. I express myself through a lot of things and I like to be my most authentic self in everything I do. My favorite aspect of being in theater is being able to work with people and finding different ways to problem solve. I plan to stay in theater and eventual...

Ky Stengel

“I was super nervous coming to a new school my junior year,” senior Ky Stengel said. “It was a little awkward at first trying to make new friends, but I started joining a small youth group where some great people convinced me to join One-Act, which is where I met my best friends. I love working in theater because it is a great place for me to practice my building skills with set design. It’s ...

Ashlyn Baum
Grace Knox
Bre Burton
Benjamin Malcolm
Caroline Tomlinson
Diego Reyes
Rilee Barnes
Nathan Hayhurst
Skyla Ramsay
Hannah Stuart
Kennedy Pernell
Jayden Price
Ellie Brown
Zara Salazar
Felix Cardenas
Charlee Alexander
Hudson Fisher
Ethan Ryder
Keymy Aponte
Elijah De La Torre
Karlie Venhaus
Lilly Thurman
AJ Smith
Joey Vanlandingham
Isha Ghosh
Grayson Prather
Blake Usleton
Gaige Brackett
Hannah McClure
Coryn Pekrul
Taylor Thornley
Ryanne Higgins
Deanne Rice
Cally Lytal
Katy Gill
Benjamin Monroe
Carly Behrens
Isa Bargas
Brandon Lewis
Alyssa Seaton
Dezaray Hernandez
Bella Haynes
Caitlan Kelch
Kaden Gist
Tori Ross
Cash Hamby
Brantley Spinks
Rylee Jackson
Maddie Moberley
Cheyenne Lynch
Churchman Howell
Kaden Burkhalter
Travis Roberts
Emily Tull
Alex Englehart
Zoee Tyler
Lottie Urschel
Josh Jones
Ryan Cox
Declan Griffin
Neely Wood
Braelly Jones
Katalina Bruton
Rylee Higgins
Jordan Callaway
Bella Neil
Aleah Appel
Peyton Smith
Meghan Brooks
Isaac Talley
Bailee Gerlich
Cade Rebstock
Veteran’s Day Edition – Sam Gilbreath
Bret Ramirez
Grizzly Royval
Emma Sheets
Adrian Roach
Aaron Neeley
Cade Rhodes
Liberty Roberts
E’lyse Niles
Brianna Ramsay
Erica Perez
Madison LaFont
Kaden Ellison
Alyssa Harris
Parker Duggan
Isaac Kendrick
Maggie Bell
Clayton Larance
Logan Giles
Josiah Dye
Tracer Roberts
Sky Flores
Brooke Parker
Ally McBroom
Thanksgiving Edition: Michael Simons
Thanksgiving Edition: Raegan Higgins
Thanksgiving Edition: Emileigh Thompson
Thanksgiving Edition: Morgan Sumpter
Thanksgiving Edition: Piper Beaty
Thanksgiving Edition: Justin Lake
Thanksgiving Edition: Erin Riley
Nathan Hoggatt
Julia Parrott
Jordan Smith
Brendon Eminger
Jodie Jameson
Sydney Gadberry
Rebecca Granda
Jillian Howell
Erica Perez & Briann Schenk
Abigayle Jones and Landon Pasley
Luke Dyer
Cheney Hopkins
Austin Brau
Sidney McMillian
Trey Harris
Reese Patterson
Charity Levens
Kaitlyn Dougherty
Maverick Evans
Sarah Trammell
Jarrett Thompson
Sebastian Lamas
Trevor Stockstill
Eleven Patterson
Morgan Tucek
Joshua Dutton
Adolfo Valverde
Kylee Khan
Catalina Perdomo
Glen Schneider
Jonathan Romero
Raphael Nische
Julia Miller
Jade Flores
Jeremy Lawson

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