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Five ways to remain healthy this year

Prevent sickness this year by using these five simple tips!

With the school year beginning, illnesses such as strep, flu, and COVID-19 are beginning to spread. Here are some ways to keep yourself healthy and safe this year.

Wash Your Hands

People tend to overlook the importance of washing their hands. By just doing your everyday tasks you can hold millions of germs, and by licking the rest of the Cheeto dust off your fingers will make it even easier for it to enter your body.

Drink Plenty of Water

By drinking water, you are flushing bacteria out of your body as well as regulating your blood flow. According to the CDC, drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Along with getting plenty of sleep improves your mental health, it also keeps your risks for disease moderated. News in Health states if you do not get enough sleep, it increases the chances of you getting a range of diseases and disorders.  

Watch Your Temperature

Even if you are not feeling sick, there is a chance you are sick. If you recently come into contact with somebody that got sick, take your temperature to be on the safe side. You can be running a fever and be feeling perfectly fine.

Be Active

By staying active, it not only helps manage your weight, but also improves your brain health, reduces the risk of diseases, as well as strengthening your bones and muscles. According to the CDC people that do little or no physical activity are more likely to get more severe symptoms of COVID-19, the flu, and pneumonia.

By following this simple, yet effective,

5 tips you can help prevent the spread of sickness throughout your school.

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Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez, Staff Reporter
Hey there! I am Alexis Martinez, a junior this year, and will be taking on my second year on the newspaper staff. This year I am hoping to create some great stories to share with the Canyon community. A little about me is that my favorite animals are ducks, I love the color green, and find writing and reading very fun. I hope you enjoy all of the stories I have to bring! Ttyl!

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