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Kitchen Appliances Affordable for College Students

Sean Buck

In the quick moving world of a college student, balancing social activities, grades, finances, and personal responsibility can provide limited time and space to cook. However, with the correct and affordable appliances that perform at a fast pace, college students can change their dorm rooms and small apartments into much more of a home. Effortlessly they can prepare quality meals and snacks. So here are some of the most affordable, storage friendly and quality appliances.


First up we have the Self Cooking Pot.

This pot is compact and portable, its mechanics make it convenient for small spaces too. This pot is not limited to one form of cooking either.

It in fact has a variety of functions. On top of this the pot is non-stick, dual power, and has built in safety features to keep it from overheating.

 Overall the self cooking pot offers so much for so little, but everything comes with flaws. The self cooking pot may have limited cooking capacity and has been known by reviewers to require close monitoring due to it only having two heat settings. 



Next we have the Air Fryer.

Its compartmentalized size makes it perfect for places with limited kitchen space, and easy to store. 

By using 1000W, this air fryer heats up quickly, and reduces cooking time.

This air fryer efficiently uses hot air circulation to cook, and overall completely eliminates any need for oil. With this air fryer college students can enjoy overall healthier meals and skip out on wasting money for oil.

Additionally, built-in timers offer more precise cooking techniques, ensuring that food is prepared correctly every time. This can be especially useful for the busy lifestyle of college students. I

The air fryer does face many size complaints though.



And now featuring the Mini Fridge.

The mini fridge is larger than the previous items, but could still easily fit in a dorm room or living area with limited space.

The mini fridge would help college students save money by not having to constantly replenish perishable items, and be less wasteful with uneaten food. The fridge could help them to choose a healthier diet too by providing a space that isn’t limited to foods with a 30 year shelf life.

The fridge has built in organization, a reversible door, a freezing compartment, and temperature control. 

Most reviewers note that the fridge dents quite easily though, but it stays quiet.



Now introducing the 11 piece blender.

All of the parts can easily be removed and rotated, as well as stored away when not in use.

The blender is durable and easy to clean.

College students would now have the cheap option of dicing greens, stirring smoothies, and much more all in a short time.

As long as you have ingredients on hand this blender can make meal preparation timely, which is very important to college students.

The only teak it faced by reviewers was its tendency to overheat relatively quickly.

Now presenting the Toaster Oven.

The toaster oven has a small structure, making it easy to transport and store. 

The oven has the same temperature options as a normal oven, timers, a temperature glass door, a cool-touch handle, and it includes a baking pan and rack.

For a limited price, and variety of cooking/baking options, if college students invest in the Toaster oven they will not be disappointed.

The only consistent complaint mentioned by reviewers is the toaster oven’s size.



Affordable kitchen appliances can revolutionize the way college students approach cooking, these products can provide great cooking options in their limited kitchen spaces. With a wide range of options available, students can now make meals without straining their budgets. 

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Sean Buck
Sean Buck, Editor-in-Chief
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