The district will hold an election May 6 for the Board of Trustees


The District will have a community-wide election May 6 to elect those who will assume four of the seven places on the school board for the next term.

“Place 3 is on the special election ballot,” executive assistant to the superintendent, Amanda Carleton said. “Places 1, 2, and 7 make up the general election ballot, meaning the current four-year term is ending and this place is up for reelection due to the usual election cycle.”

A special election is held when a current Trustee resigns before the end of their current term. A special election is being held for Place 3 after Randy Darnell resigned in December 2022 after serving on the board for 17 years.

“The Board has ordered a special election to be held in May 2023,” Carelton said. “The individual elected to Place 3 through this special election will serve until May 2025, when that Place will be up for election again.”

The Eagle’s Tale plans to release more election articles and to hold a school-wide mock election for those who are unable to vote. Students 18 years old can vote as long as they registered to vote before Jan 1, 2023.