Happy State Bank Stadium Banquet Center virtual tour

At the Happy State Bank Stadium ribbon cutting Thursday, April 8, Editor-in-Chief Hannah Backus and Staff Reporter Laura Gill filmed a virtual tour of the banquet center with a 360 camera to give our viewers a chance to see the 2021 prom location. For the best viewing experience, view the YouTube video on a laptop or desktop computer. Make the video full screen, and change the settings to be the highest quality video possible: 4k. If the video seems blurry at first, this is a sign that the quality is too low, and needs to be raised. Click and drag the screen while watching the video to look around your surroundings, as if you were in the building yourself. Keep watching until the end to see the brand new turf field with the three high school logos. Most of all, enjoy seeing a sneak peek of the beautiful banquet center.

Other virtual tours–including each of the teams’ locker rooms–will be coming to The Eagle’s Tale soon, so be on the look-out.