Seniors take class photo Aug. 31


Blake Loria

The class of 2021 senior photo will be the 43rd to be exhibited in Canyon High’s upper commons.

Class of 2021 seniors will take their class photo Monday, Aug. 31 from 8 a.m.-8:30 a.m.

Students will park in the student parking lot and walk to the western entrance before taking the photo. Students are required to wear a mask until the photographer instructs them to take it off. Students should dress casually, following dress code. As a cheerleader, senior Grayson Prather will sit in the front row along with Canyon High administration members.

It shows us all coming together these few last times we get to and shows how resilient we are as a class.

— Grayson Prather, 12

“We show a lot of school pride, and I think it looks really good to have us in our uniform in the front because it kinda sets us apart,” Prather said. “I think it’s really important, and it’s definitely something you can look back on and show your family later. It shows us all coming together and shows how resilient we are as a class.”

There are currently 42 senior class photos showcased in the upper commons, ranging from the class of 1977 to the class of 2020.

“I think it shows us always coming together to work things out, I think our class really does overcome adversity a lot,” Prather said. “It’s definitely a different year, but I hope we just get to stay in and stick it out and have a normal graduation.”