Canyon High Choirs succeed at Greater Southwest Music Festival


Canyon High choirs performed at the Greater Southwest Music Festival on April 27.

Canyon High School choirs, including Chamber mix, Chorale mix and Troubadors all-girls choir, performed at the Amarillo Globe News Center for the Greater Southwest Music Festival on April 27. 

Chamber and Chorale choirs sang the contest music for UIL in early April at WT. At the GSMF, all three choirs received Best in Class in their category which were High School non-varsity treble choir, High School non-varsity mixed choir and High School varsity mixed choir. Chamber choir received best overall choir of the entire festival.

“I think the choir and I had a very successful contest season,” Farren said. “After that [UIL] contest I really wanted another set of recordings and I really enjoyed our music so much we wanted to keep performing.”

After the UIL contest, the choir department begins to prepare for the Variety Show. There, they transition from classical music to pop music. 

“It’s a lot less mentally serious music,” Farren said. “It’s a little more laid back, which is fun, but I wasn’t ready to make that switch over to that style of pop music. I wanted to dig into classical music one last time.”

Farren said the festival helped demonstrate the dynamic of the choir department.

“For us to be able to do the music that we’ve been pouring ourselves into for months, it is not a chore,” Farren said. “We have that innate pull towards performing and collaboration. To be able to do that is so important for me as a teacher and very important to me as a musician.”