Halloween candy gram sales support 2021 senior class


Graphic Illustration by Blake Loria

All money raised during the Halloween candy gram fundraiser will regain funds lost for the senior class from the lack of a prom last year.

Brooklyn Pernell, Staff Reporter

Students and staff can buy Halloween candy grams for $2 a piece in Student Council sponsor Kimberly Sharber’s room either before school 7:55-8:10 a.m. or during either lunches through Thursday, Oct. 29.

The money raised will go to the class of 2021 to help fund Senior Night. Students must fill out the Google Form emailed to them with their Canyon ISD account and pay Sharber separately.

“They’re affordable, and it’s a great way to just appreciate someone for a day,” Sharber said. “It will definitely help spread positivity. The idea came from the senior officers and class council. We needed a fundraiser since we missed prom last year, and they thought about doing four candy grams throughout the year. I’m just here to help make their ideas come to life.”

Sharber said more candy grams fundraisers will take place for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. 

“I think the notes that accompany the candy grams will be something many treasure for quite some time,” Sharber said. “I just envision the high school sweethearts pulling it out in 30 years from now talking about how sweet it was.”