Senior tribute ads for yearbook due Sept. 14


Macy McClish

Senior tribute ads are due Sept. 14. Ads include a picture, payment, and text.

Luke Bruce, Editor-in-Chief

Senior parents who wish to place an ad of their child in the yearbook must submit the chosen photo, text and payment by Friday, Sept. 14.

Information on size, payments and order forms for the ads can be found here. Ads can include a picture of the senior as a baby, child or teen and text written by the parents. Parents can turn in the ads with digital or physical photos. Those using a digital photo must turn in the pictures by either flash drive, disc or other means. Ads will no longer be accepted by email, and all components of the ad must be delivered together. The ads can be sent by mail, delivered to the front office or to room 1305.

Questions regarding the senior ads can be directed to yearbook adviser Laura Smith at 677-2740 extension 1511 or at [email protected].