Students to observe National School Walkout April 20


Courtesy of National School Walkout

The National School Walkout will begin tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Erin Sheffield, Editor-in-Chief

Students can join the National School Walkout, a protest against gun violence, tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the breezeway and bus lane.

Students will face no punishment for participating during activity period but can still receive tardies or absences for missing class after the protest. The protest will last 17 minutes, and participants can wear orange to promote gun reform. Freshman Lauren Taylor said she established the Canyon chapter because she is passionate about the topic.

“I’ve always wanted to organize something like this to make a change here at Canyon,” Taylor said. “This is all about student safety, so if we have students participating, that shows that they’re willing to fight for their own safety. If students start standing up for this kind of stuff, people higher up in our government might start listening.”

Although the protest was originally set for the north entrance, the location changed to the breezeway to keep participants safe.

“We’re having a walkout to promote school safety, and having the walkout in the north part of the campus is the most unsafe location we have,” principal Tim Gilliland said. “The backside is the safest location we have. It made sense to promote school safety in a safe area.”