School store now open with new hours


Jaren Tankersley

A sign welcomes students into The Eagle’s Nest.

The Eagle’s Nest school store is now open exclusively during activity period.

Students who wish to shop at the store, located at the commons end of the 1300 hall, must arrive during the passing period before activity period and may use their receipt as a pass to class after shopping. The new hours are the result of last year’s changes to activity period. Entrepreneurship teacher Steven Thrasher said it took time to come up with the current model.

“Last year during activity period, you could switch rooms and go to the store or whatever all throughout activity period,” Thrasher said. “This year, they’ve restricted it. You have to be in your location before the tardy bell, so we adjusted our hours to work with that schedule.”

Thrasher said activity period is the only time they are legally allowed to sell food.

“We can’t do before school, after school or during lunch by law because the cafeteria is open,” Thrasher said. “We can’t sell food items for an hour after school. We have to wait one hour to sell any food items after school, and one hour before school, we have to stop selling. There was no other time besides activity period.”