AC dual credit payments due Friday, Jan. 8


Blake Loria

Although Amarillo College courses begin Tuesday, Jan. 19, tuition payments are due Friday, Jan. 8. “Dual credit is a great opportunity, but it is not for everyone,” counselor Chris Fant said. “The classes are more difficult than regular classes, and some students need to develop more academic knowledge and self-discipline before they are ready for college-level coursework.”

Hannah Backus, Editor-in-Chief

Students scheduled to take a dual credit class in the spring semester must pay the required tuition by Friday, Jan. 8.

Students can access their AC schedule and make their payment through AC Connect. For those having trouble, counselor Chris Fant is available in the counseling center for assistance. Additionally, the First Presbyterian Church of Canyon is offering a scholarship for students struggling to pay, and Amarillo College has payment plans students can set up. Amarillo College courses will begin Tuesday, Jan. 19.

“If students do not meet the final payment deadline, they will be dropped by Amarillo College, and their schedules will have to be changed to another course in most cases,” Fant said. “If students will be pursuing a college education after high school, dual credit classes can potentially save them a lot of time and money. Dual credit courses are $50 an hour, so most are $150 a semester. There are no fees. Taking one regular course at Amarillo College after high school is $350-$425 and even more at WT.”