Final voting for class favorites, Mr. and Miss CHS begins


Kodi Hicks

Students can vote for Mr. and Miss CHS as well as class favorites using their phones or Chromebooks.

Claire Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

After three days of preliminary voting, the final voting for class favorites and Mr. and Miss CHS begins today and will close tomorrow. All voting is conducted through a Google form in grade-level Google Classrooms.

Finalists for Mr. CHS include Jackson Aragon, Clay Artho, Aidan Hildinger and Miles Huffhines. Aleah Appel, McKenna Coppock, Emma Crenshaw and Ally McBroom are the finalists for Miss CHS.

The class favorite nominees for freshmen include Javin Cash, Seth Green, Ezra Rios, Elijah Smotherman, Kennedy Abshire, Abigail Kilgore, Kamryn Mason and Abree Winfrey. Sophomores include Caleb Bruce, Clayton Burnett, Josue Castillo, Kelton Harbinson, Broson Kwaku, Hadlee Cook, Brooklyn Hancock, Kyrstyana Khan, Taylor Thomas and Sloane Weigle.

Juniors include Breck Corman, Landon Finke, Josh Moreno, Reid Rousser, Raylee Bain, Chloe Callahan, MaKynna Cranmer and Evely Ludington. Finally, Clay Artho, Lucas Bradshaw, Tucker Christie, Aidan Hildinger, Wade House, Miles Huffhines, Bret Ramirez, Aleah Appel, Brynne Chapman, Payton Cochran and Ally McBroom are the senior nominees.