Merry massage

PTSA offers teacher gift cards for Christmas relaxation


Laura Smith

PTSA president Sandy Allison will take payment for teacher gift cards for massages during activity period and lunch until Dec. 15.

Jamie Abbott, Staff Reporter

Students can purchase a gift card for their teachers from PTSA president Sandy Allison in the commons during activity period and both lunches until Dec. 15.

After the purchase, a student signs a card for the teacher, coach, or director and the money collected goes towards the teacher’s massage. Students can spend anywhere from $1 to $500, and the amount of money spent is anonymous. Teachers will receive their cards for the chair massages Dec. 16. In January, teachers can schedule their massages for a selection of dates during activity period, after school or before school. If teachers receive more than what the chair massages cost, the additional funds are converted into a gift card.

“Teachers receive hundreds of Christmas ornaments that their sweet students have given them for  gifts through the years, little knick-knacks, perfumes that the teachers can’t use because they’re allergic to it, or foods they’re not supposed to eat because of their diet,” Allison said. “This is a way to say ‘thank you’ to the teachers for the wonderful jobs that they’re doing and invigorate them.”