Pancake prejudice?

It’s time to flip breakfast stereotypes


Aryauna Thompson

Pancakes should be accepted for what they are, not categorized under a filthy label.

Waffles, pancakes, eggs, toast, hash browns–the list goes on. In a world full of discrimination, it is shocking to see how many people overlook their prejudice against these foods. Many cruel labels exist in this world, but these foods may have the worst of all. Breakfast.

Breakfast is terrible. It is a pity meal. Very rarely do people eat a full plate of food in the morning. Most of the time, we rush out the door and barely have time to grab a granola bar, let alone sit and eat a whole meal.

I understand the morning meal serves a purpose. For many, a rushed granola bar carries them to their highly anticipated lunch break. I can understand that, but I do not understand the disrespect we show for those foods we categorize under “breakfast” that we never have the time (or desire) to make.

Most restaurants start serving breakfast around 7 a.m. and stop serving around 10:30 a.m, giving the busy people of the world a short three and a half hours to grab their “early meal.” Three and a half hours may sound like a lot, but in reality, the majority of that time is spent getting ready or at a workplace. We neglect these unlucky foods because of our schedules, or worse–we make “breakfast for dinner” in order to satisfy our hunger for “morning” foods.

They automatically associate some of the most delicious food with the morning and consequently, all things terrible.”

— Aryauna Thompson

I have never heard someone say they ate pancakes for supper the night before. Not many say that toast and eggs composed their meal. Instead, they keep these foods stereotyped under breakfast.  Now, not only are these poor foods subjected to being associated with the worst meal and time of the day, but when they finally get the chance to show off their delectability, the label remains with them. This cruelty should no longer be overlooked.

Waffles, pancakes, eggs, toast, hash browns–the list goes on. In a world full of discrimination, we as people united in the world should give these foods a chance to stand alone and create whatever meals they want. No longer should we label these foods unjustly. They should soon be freed from their disgusting categorization. No longer will I have “breakfast for dinner.” I simply wish to have pancakes.