Cash in, crime out

Students earn more than $3,000 in rewards through reporting program


Graphic Illustration by Blake Loria

Student Crime Stoppers offers rewards and anonymous reporting.

Following recent years of success, Amarillo Crime Stoppers will continue to promote safety and student participation in the Student Crime Stoppers program.

Last year Amarillo Crime Stoppers rewarded a total of $3,200 to Canyon High students. Canyon High Resource Officer Daniel Roach said he hopes to reach more students this year.

“Crime Stoppers focuses on community involvement and takes advantage of electronic media to help solve crimes,” Roach said. “It was actually a program that started out because of an unsolved murder. The police needed help solving the murder and eventually came up with a hotline for people to call and give anonymous tips.”

Roach said he was presented with the idea to introduce Student Crime Stoppers to Canyon High by a representative of the organization.

The students are my eyes and ears for a lot of what goes on at Canyon High.

— Daniel Roach, Canyon High Resource Officer

“He wanted me to try to push this program and explained to me how students can give anonymous tips and get paid for them,” Roach said. “So, I started bringing in the program and educating students about how they can call or text the 24/7 tip line, 806-374-4400, and give a tip that can land them a reward up to $1000 per tip. And now they can download an app on their phone.”

Roach said the reward amount varies depending on the severity of the crime reported, and students who receive reward money are usually informed within two days through the Student Crime Stoppers app.

“The students are my eyes and ears for a lot of what goes on at Canyon High,” Roach said. “Having students giving tips helps out a lot and really keeps the school safe. One saying we have is ‘If you hear something, or see something, say something.’ And when students follow that and give us good tips with helpful information, the more money students will make.”

Students can get more information from the Student Crime Stoppers website, and the Amarillo Crime Stoppers Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. Students can also submit tips through an online form.

Sophomore Skyla Ramsay serves as the first Student Crime Stoppers Ambassador for Canyon High.

We found out how the legislature system works and got to really learn about Crime Stoppers.

— Skyla Ramsay, 10

“Serving the community and Canyon High in Crime Stoppers is my passion,” Ramsay said. “I was involved with Student Crime Stoppers already, and when I got the opportunity, I applied for the ambassador program. I got to go on a trip to Austin. We found out how the legislature system works and got to really learn about Crime Stoppers and how they help the community and school.”

Ramsay said joining Crime Stoppers was a learning experience.

“There is a lot of crime and activity that goes on in our school,” Ramsay said. “I learned I really enjoy helping the community and Canyon High. I have really learned a lot about the justice system, and I want to help other students.