39 All-District choir members advance to All-Region auditions


Macy McClish

Juniors Nolan Quintanilla and Katelyn Spivey join other choir members practicing audition music during activity period.

The 39 choir students who earned All-District Choir honors will advance to All-Region tryouts Nov. 4.

The district choir auditions were held at Pampa High School Sept. 30. Canyon High took 52 students to audition with two alternates and 39 placing in the choir. Canyon took four of the eight first chair placings. Junior Erin Sheffield placed first chair soprano one.

“It’s really one audition out of plenty you’ll have in your life,” Sheffield said. “If you win, great. If you don’t, whatever. Go back next year. You try to focus on the other positive aspects of the audition process and that gets rid of nerves.”

If you don’t have anything unique or anything to bring that’s not average or mediocre, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

— Nathan Solomon, 12

District is the first step of the area choir process. All-region follows along with pre-area and the final stage, area. Students who place high in their sections at area earn places in the All-State Choir. All students were encouraged to audition for the district choir and were among the 527 students from all schools who auditioned. Senior Nathan Solomon said one of the hardest parts of auditioning is the number of people there.

“If you don’t have anything unique or anything to bring that’s not average or mediocre, you’ll get lost in the crowd,” Solomon said. “If you don’t have something that can show the judges you have a unique voice or show your musicality through all that you’ve learned you can get lost in the crowd and not even make it.”

Choir director Brandon Farren said the students competed very well.

“Everything they do is always first class, so I’m proud of not only what they do competition wise but who they are outside of that too,” Farren said. “They are always so respectful of other schools and other people. I couldn’t be more proud of our kids. They’re awesome.”

Results from all-district choir auditions:

Soprano 1

1st chair – Erin Sheffield

4th chair – Tori Ross

8th chair – Alexis Bodkin

11th chair – Krissy Niles

Soprano 2

4th chair – Katelyn Spivey

5th chair – Audrey Hughes

6th chair – Emily Tull

10th chair – Haley Williams

11th chair – Taryn Glenn

12th chair – E’lyse Niles

Alto 1

4th chair – Mia Bonds

14th chair – Alyson Hunt

Alto 2

1st chair – Claire Horn

4th chair – Rebecca Granda

9th chair – Kaleigh Rodarte-Suto

10th chair – Emma Sheets

15th chair – Emma Reynolds

17th chair – Gracie Tidmore

Tenor 1

6th chair – Kaleb Donais

16th chair – Michael Soliz

Tenor 2

1st chair – Mitchell Hernandez

8th chair – Levi Wilkins

9th chair – Nolan Quintanilla

14th chair – Jayden Jolly

Bass 1

3rd chair – Nathan Solomon

4th chair – Mark Porter

7th chair – Rafe Butcher

10th chair – Joshua Moreno

15th chair – Isaac Talley

16th chair – Landon Finke

2nd alternate – Lane Miller

Bass 2

1st chair – Josiah Dye

2nd chair – Conner Nall

4th chair – Tobin Brooks

7th chair – Isaac Kizziar

11th chair – James Lemmon

12th chair – Brennen Copeland

2nd alternate – Bryce Evans