Crafty Christmas

Editor-In-Chief provides a last minute gift idea for the holidays


Claire Meyer

The sleigh craft is easy to make and candy can be personalized for a certain recipient.

In light of the holiday season and most likely the forgetting of certain gift recipients, I am sharing a craft that will be a perfect last-minute gift for anyone who enjoys sweets.

Santa’s Candy Sleigh Materials
1 large candy bar
10 small candy bars
2 candy canes
Bow and ribbon

Begin with the large candy bar as your base. Make a row of four small candy bars sticking them to the large bar with tape. Make a pyramid, with one less small candy bar for each level. Feel free to add a bow at the top and ribbon around the sleigh. Tape two candy canes underneath the sleigh facing upwards to look like the bow of the sleigh. Make as many of these as you need for all of your friends and family.