5 things to do over the long weekend


Graphic Illustration by Blake Loria

With Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Feb. 14 and Presidents Day Monday, Feb. 15, students will observe student holidays Friday, Feb. 12 and the following Monday. While temperatures are predicated to be low, here are five activities students can partake in during their break.

Students will have a four day weekend beginning on Friday, Feb. 12 and going through Monday, Feb. 15.

Canyon High faculty will have staff development on both days students are gone. School will resume Tuesday, Feb. 16th on collaboration bell schedule. Here are a couple of activities to do over the long weekend.

1. Take on a New Hobby

A fun and easy way to keep busy is by trying something new and exciting. Whether it’s learning how to bake a cake or trying to recreate the Mona Lisa, it’s always fun to be challenged. Instead of staying on social media for the majority of the day, it’s important to stay productive and be active. Playing an instrument, learning how to ride a skateboard, taking a pottery class, going on long walks or learning how to cook a difficult dish are all examples of hobbies that one can easily learn and enjoy. Finding a new hobby can make you feel more in touch with yourself. It provides the chance to learn more about what you like and what you don’t like.

2. Go Thrifting

Thrifting is not only affordable, it is also trending. Some great places to go thrifting include Plato’s Closet, Goodwill and the Downtown Thrift. It’s a double win considering the clothes available are great in quality at a low price. Because of the pandemic, it is encouraged that those wear a face mask and follow CDC COVID-19 precautions.

3. Craft Some Holiday Treats

Baking is a great way to get festive during the four-day break. With Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday and the forecast being between 6 to -8 degrees, this is a great time to stay inside and decorate cookies with family or friends. Some seasonal foods that would make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts include the heart-shaped cookies published earlier in the week on our website, as well as cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and much more. This is a great way to be present and in the moment and spend quality time with others.

4. Have a ‘Me Day’

Sometimes school can be stressful, especially with dual credit classes, or extracurricular activities or jobs. It is important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Having a self-care day can help reduce stress levels and improve energy levels. Little things like hair brushing, face washing and cleaning can help improve one’s state of mind.

5. Watch a Movie

Love is in the air, and so are romance movies. Considering the weather, it is encouraged to stay inside–to stay safe and warm. Movies like “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “All The Bright Places ” have positive reviews, and there are many other great Netflix originals to choose from. Additionally, Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday occurring over the break; Presidents Day is on Monday, Feb. 15. If you’re into historical movies, Netflix has a variety of series and movies, such as “Bobby Kennedy for President,” and Netflix originals are always a click away.