Players set for powderpuff football game


Staff Illustration

Girls are gearing up for Thursday night’s powderpuff football game.

The powderpuff football game will kick off at 7 p.m. at Canyon High School Thursday, Sept. 27 following the homecoming parade at 5 p.m.

The two teams include freshmen and juniors on one team with sophomores and seniors play on another. In powderpuff games the roles are reversed; girls play while boys cheer on the sidelines and coach the teams. Seniors Lawton Rikel, Seth Nickell, Kolton Trimmier, Jake Gilley and Brett Cobb will coach the senior-freshmen team, while juniors Brayden Brewer, Bo Christie, Brandon Driskell and Reese Seideman will coach the junior-sophomore team.

“We’ve already had three practices,” Brayden Brewer said. “My score prediction is 32-17 win.”

Junior player Megan Brewer said she plans on the seniors not earning a single point.

I really think this game will get super dirty.”

— Megan Brewer, 11

“I can’t wait to win so I can rub it in the senior coaches’ faces,” Megan Brewer said. “I really think this game will get super dirty.”

Junior player Halle Kennedy said she expects rough play during the game.

“I’m not worried about it, though, because we have practiced a ton,” Kennedy said. “Our practices have gone flawlessly.”

Senior player Cheyenne Lynch said she thinks the senior-freshman team will win 20-7.

“We have trick plays up our sleeve,” Lynch said. “We have a great coaching staff as well, so I definitely think we are taking a dub. We will dominate.”

Senior player Bailee Gerlich said they have a lot of talent and speed on their team.

“We are going out there with pure talent Thursday night,” Gerlich said. “We’ve only had about one practice, and only half the team was there for it. We will be fine.”

Lynch said they plan to go out with a positive attitude and let the game speak for itself.

We are coached by the best actual football players, so obviously we have the advantage.”

— Danielle Burns, 10

“It’s going to come down to defense and offense, which we are better at both,” Lynch said. “I’m super excited.”

Coach Bo Christie will host a team meal in preparation for the freshmen and juniors.

“I think team meal will mentally prepare us for the game,” Megan Brewer said. “It is important we stay focused.”

Sophomore player Danielle Burns said they have a lot of skill, so the lack of practices for the sophomores and seniors won’t matter.

“We are the ‘GOAT Squad,’ because we really are the greatest,” Burns said. “Our coaches told us we are going to be looking out for Megan Brewer, but I’m not worried. She can’t carry the whole team. We are coached by the best actual football players, so obviously we have the advantage.”