Tatum Schulte’s legacy inspires kindness, remembrance


Claire Meyer

The community is invited to participate in Tatum Tough Day Tuesday, Oct. 30. Yellow is the color of the childhood cancer ribbon.

Although a year ago eyes wept for the life lost too soon, her story, now heard by thousands of people, is one of perseverance and strength. Tatum Schulte’s battle with cancer ended with the loss of her life, but her spirit continues to touch the hearts of everyone who needs a little toughness in their life.

The Schulte family is encouraging the community and others impacted by Tatum’s fight with cancer to wear their Tatum Tough shirts and do acts of kindness on Tuesday, Oct. 30, the one year anniversary of Tatum’s death. Canyon High School principal Jennifer Boren said the administration will also encourage students to participate in honor of Tatum.

“We thought for everybody to be kind and love one another,” Shawna Schulte said. “Just a simple thing like buying somebody’s coffee or anything. That’s who she was, so the 30th this year, we want people to follow and be the good and do what Tatum did.”

Schulte said Tatum was a great example to others.

“Tatum, in a way, always gave back,” Schulte said. “It was her actions. It made everybody’s day better. I constantly get emails or messages on Facebook saying ‘We watched her at physical therapy, and she changed our lives.’ She had no idea she was doing that. She was doing what she did every day.”

The Schulte family began the Tatum Tough Foundation in honor of Tatum’s spirit and will release the foundation shirts Oct. 30. Information can be found on their Team Tatum Facebook page.

“We’re excited to get started on that and get the ball moving,” Schulte said. “I’m going to post the shirts on her page that day and post our address, and we’re going to deal with it all through there. Right now, we’re doing small things, but we’re getting bigger.”

Schulte said it is a great feeling to see others wearing team Tatum shirts.

“I don’t even know people, and I’ll walk into target and see Team Tatum shirts still being worn,” Schulte said. “I think that’s another emphasis on the way she did things. It warms our heart to see the impact she made.”

Boren said the Schulte family is strong in their faith and to balance being tough with trusting in their faith is encouraging to students.

“Students were aware and rallied with the family, and since Tatum was frequently at ball games and pep rallies, her life has been an inspiration to our students,” Boren said. “Even the motto ‘Tatum tough’–that we can face much adversity in our lives and still be tough–is a role model for our students, especially students facing adversity. Tatum and her family are such a great example of how to walk that out bravely.”