Marching band performs for community ahead of State competition


Kodi Hicks

In preparation for State, the Soaring Pride Band boosters provided T-shirts to all band members. The shirt includes themes from the show as design elements.

The Soaring Pride Band will host their final local performance of “Fugue State” Thursday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. on the Canyon High turf field free to the public.

The band prepares to take on the field at UIL State Marching competition, Monday Dec. 14.

“We’re going to have around a two-hour rehearsal, and then we’re going to have a public performance where parents and people from the city can come and watch our band show before we go off to state,” said Evely Ludington, senior leadership team member. “It’s going to be about a seven minute long show. We’re probably going to rehearse getting on and off of the field. It’s really fun. I’m really excited to have my last performance in front ensemble.”

The performance was originally scheduled for Saturday, but was rescheduled because of weather conditions.

“I definitely recommend coming and seeing our show,” Ludington said. “We’ve worked really hard on it throughout the past few months. With 7 a.m. rehearsals and all of our after-school rehearsals, it’s been a lot, so I hope people come to see it.”