Two named to All-State Cross Country Team


Sara Ledesma

The Varsity Girls Cross Country Team runs in the District Cross Country Meet at Thompson Park.

As the members of the team take their places at the start of the race, their minds drift back to the grueling hours of work that led to this moment. A shot pierces the still air, and the girls begin their rush towards the finish line. Two of these girls will rise above the rest of the pack of athletes and become All-State Cross Country runners.

It’s definitely an honor to have made All-State, and I am proud of myself for making it this far.

— Ayse Allison, 11

Sophomore Kameron Diaz and junior Ayse Allison were selected for the Texas Girls Coaches Association All-State Cross Country Team after competing in the state cross country meet. Girls Cross Country coach Ray Baca said he is proud of the whole team for their work, as well as Diaz and Allison for their individual honors.

“The Texas Girl’s Coaches Association All State-Team is voted upon by a group of coaches one day before the state meet, so that team really doesn’t take the rankings from the state meet into consideration,” Baca said. “The Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas All-State Team, however, is made up of the top 15 runners from the All-State Meet. Both of these are ways to make All-State Honors, and I’m proud of Ayse and Kameron for making it to this point.”

Diaz said she was proud of her individual and team accomplishments, especially after all the work she put into the process.

“Making All-State makes me feel like I got something big accomplished because I had to wake up early every morning to go to practice even when the weather was cold or I didn’t feel like going because I was tired,” Diaz said. “This season has taught me that when you work hard you will get to places, but nothing is just handed to you.”

Diaz acknowledged her mother, her coach and her teammates as supporters and mentors who have led her towards her state level achievement.

“My mom has helped me to reach this goal by being at every single meet, even if I don’t always want her to be there,” Diaz said. “Coach Baca is always there to pick us up when we have a rough night. The night before we have a big track meet, our team will get together and read Bible verses and pray. Those nights were good for me, and my team has been very supportive.”

Allison made the all-state team for the second year in a row and said the accomplishment is just as exciting.

“It’s definitely an honor to have made All-State, and I am proud of myself for making it this far,” Allison said. “It’s good to see all my hard work paying off, and I feel like this is something that would look good on a college application. I am looking forward to next season.”

Baca said he is proud of the members of his team and is looking now looking ahead to the upcoming track season.

“Overall, I think we had a great run this year,” Baca said. “I’m proud of the girls for accomplishing the things they were able to do as a team. Now the girls are taking two weeks off from running, and after that, we will start getting back into our workouts and get ready for track season.”