CHS staff shares encouraging messages for students in virtual parade


Pictures Courtesy of Faculty Members

Staff members submitted photos from home to be included in the “virtual parade” for their students to see.

Canyon High staff members put together a “virtual parade” for students, published Thursday, March 26, intended to reassure students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video features images of teachers and other staff members holding custom-made signs with messages such as “we miss you,” “we will adapt and overcome,” and “we are here for you.”

CHS chromesquad

“During these trying times, we could all use a smile on our faces,” English teacher Nicole Moore said. “I told my students ‘I miss you all so very much!’ because it sounded like something I would say to them in the classroom. When everything is changing around them, I want them to know a few things are going to stay the same, and Ms. Moore’s spirit is one of them.”

Moore said she has seen people sharing, posting and commenting on the video on social media.

“I think it has truly brought people together,” Moore said. “When you read the comments or posts teachers are making, it’s like you can actually feel the comradery. The video was made to spread a little bit of joy to our students and community, and what better way than for students to see their teachers saying they miss them.”

Nothing can take away their right to learn, not even a worldwide pandemic.

— Nicole Moore, English teacher

Teachers have spent the last week planning lessons for the district’s School@Home program.

“We are constantly working behind the scenes,” Moore said. “However, our students can’t see that. Since they can’t come to school and sit in our classrooms, we decided to reach out to them through the video.”

Moore said the video is a reminder that teachers have not forgotten about their students.

“It’s going to be vital to continue learning and keep up the interaction between students and teachers through this difficult time,” Moore said. “Nothing can take away their right to learn, not even a worldwide pandemic.”

A classmate sent junior Isha Ghosh the video.

“It actually made me smile watching my favorite teachers say they missed all of us,” Ghosh said. “My friends also thought it was so sweet the teachers did that. It made us miss them even more. I thought it was one of the most wholesome videos I’ve seen.”

Ghosh said she and many students are excited to see their teachers again.

It actually made me smile watching my favorite teachers say they missed all of us.

— Isha Ghosh, 11

“We were posting the video on our stories and saying we missed our teachers too,” Ghosh said. “I wanted to share that our teachers did such a thoughtful thing that would brighten people’s day. I know some of us actually do miss being able to see our teachers or friends.”

Ghosh said because of the COVID-19 outbreak she has spent most of her time inside.

“It feels like a long weekend where you’re grounded,” Ghosh said. “We’re not able to go out or see our friends. We’ve just been trying to keep ourselves occupied or productive. Watching the video brightened up my day and reminded me everyone is going through this together.”