Spanish Club inspires appreciation of culture


Kodi Hicks

Spanish Club Publicist Madeline Shadduck and Vice President Chloe Balderaz hand out promotional flyers during a club fair.

A glimpse into Spanish culture can be seen peering through the open door of 1105. Officers plan upcoming events as members enjoy chips, salsa and Spanish-themed activities. Not only a club for social happenings, Spanish Club also participates in community service and volunteering to help others in need.

Spanish teacher and club sponsor Rubi Perez said she was inspired by a desire to give more students a look at Spanish culture and started the club two years ago. 

“We wanted to be able to allow students that were not in Spanish class to be a part of the Spanish culture, so we decided to start the Spanish Club,” Perez said. “It allows them to be in an environment that’s fun and engaging.”

It allows them to be in an environment that’s fun and engaging.

— Rubi Perez, Spanish Club sponsor

In honor of Mexico’s Independence Day, the Spanish Club celebrated with a meet and greet Sept. 14.

“We usually go to Conner Park, have food, a piñata and play games,” Perez said. “It’s an opportunity to get together and meet every member of the group and have a good time.”

Along with food and entertainment, Spanish Club gives students an opportunity to serve others in their community.

“In December, we help Amarillo Angels with their Christmas Party for the foster families,” Perez said. “We work on Snack Pak 4 Kids. We also help Spanish speaking countries with The Pulsera Project.  That’s one of our biggest projects.”

Although she is the sponsor, Perez said the officers of Spanish club carry out the main responsibilities.

“The club is what they make of it,” Perez said. “They prepare documents, a Google Classroom and Google Forms for people to RSVP. They have to keep track of money that comes in, memberships, who’s signing up for the club, and making sure all the t-shirts are correct. I want them to be involved and have those responsibilities. Whatever happens is a result of their process and what they do.”

Spanish Club is not about speaking Spanish; it’s about celebrating Spanish cultures.

— Blake Loria, 11

Junior Blake Loria is Spanish Club president. Loria said he was in Spanish last year and really enjoyed it. Although not currently in a Spanish class, he chose to remain active in the club as an officer.

 “I still have a fondness for it,” Loria said. “I really love Spanish Club because you don’t have to know Spanish to be in it. You can enjoy Spanish Club without being in those classes because Spanish Club is not about speaking Spanish; it’s about celebrating Spanish cultures.”

Loria said he hopes the club will host more activities and offer more volunteer opportunities this year.

“We really want to make the club better,” Loria said. “We are trying to be a lot more involved, trying to do more community service and have more events. We want to get to know our members, we want to have fun, and we also want to volunteer and help out the community.”

Loria said he wants to go beyond running the club and form lasting relationships with the members.

“As president, I have been working really hard to keep the club organized and to bring in new members,” Loria said. “One thing I really want to do is become friends with our members. I want to get to know them, build personal connections and have fun with them at events.”