New Roaring ’20s

Senior looks forward to new decade


Claire Meyer

Because it is a leap year, 2020 will have 366 days.

My new year began with a man’s face melting off, right at midnight.

However, I saw this horrific scene from Indiana Jones on a computer screen, making the start of 2020 slightly less gruesome than it seemed. I have upheld the tradition of beginning a movie on Dec. 31 timed so the climax of the film occurs as the clock strikes 12 for some time now.

Two years ago, I watched Luke Skywalker blow up the Death Star. The year after, I saw Thanos snap half the universe out of existence. It may be a bit silly, but I always feel better to start the year off with an iconic cinematic experience. This year, however, is more significant than others for a number of reasons.

This year, however, is more significant than others for a number of reasons.

— Claire Meyer, 12

I turned 18 earlier this month, which was arguably one of the best birthdays I’ve had thus far. While it wasn’t quite the dramatic ordeal many films portray it to be, I definitely felt a paradigm shift of sorts. While a trip to Kabuki and the skating rink brought back memories of my younger years, a voter registration card reminded me of what is to come. It was the perfect bridge between a very defined before and after in my life.

More importantly, I, along with the rest of the senior class, will be graduating this May. It’s satisfying to have my required education finished right at the beginning of the decade. It’s strange to know your routine for the last several years is going to end. It’s bittersweet, yes, but also a long time coming.

Subsequently, I will be starting college this August. The massive change from having a structured day to learning and living individually is daunting. In fact, this time next year, my life will be entirely different, which takes the “new year new me” trend to a different level. However, I’m quite excited for the shift towards adulthood, even if it comes with more responsibilities. The question 2020 seems to ask me is “what are you going to become?” While I can’t answer now, I’m sure that will change as time passes.

Despite such life-altering experiences in the near future, I can only hope the new decade will hold good things. This is the beginning of a new roaring twenties, I can’t imagine it being anything other than iconic. What 2020 holds, for now, will remain a mystery, but I can hope that much like Indiana Jones, it will be full of exciting adventures to experience.