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‘Warm Bodies’: perfect movie for his adventure, her romance

Warm Bodies, released Feb. 1, is a must see this Valentine’s Day season. Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, this box office hit surrounds the life of “R” a flesh-eating zombie living in an apocalyptic world. R yearns to be human again and after saving Julie, one of the few humans left, he begins to experience love, which sparks a dramatic change in the world they live in.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, this movie is every genre wrapped up into one entertaining cinematic adventure. It is suspenseful, funny, romantic, action packed and dramatic. The plot surrounds both human life and zombie life, which seems a bit farfetched until the end when everything come together into one epic ending that ties all the strings together.

There is a constant underlying Romeo and Juliet theme on which the love story is based. From a father that will never accept his daughter’s true love to an epic balcony, scene this movie has some obvious Shakespeare allusions, but since it involves zombies, guns, fast-paced chase scenes and the apocalypse, it’s much more entertaining.

R, played by Nicholas Hoult, communicates mainly through thought dialogue that is hilarious. This dialogue, along with the ingeniously funny one liners, makes a movie that any comedy lover will enjoy.

Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, has a disconcerting resemblance to Kristin Stewart. Her voice and looks are very similar, but her ability to show emotion sets her apart from Stewart. Palmer can actually tell jokes, smile and show compassion. She even cries a little.

Small note for the ladies, Dave Franco, James Franco’s very attractive little brother, is a supporting character.

The soundtrack is simply amazing. The contributing artists include Guns N’ Roses, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. The music is eclectic, containing songs from several genres that emphasize and enhance the key moments.

Although it is overshadowed by the overall story and humorous moments, it does get gory in a few scenes. If you don’t look away, you will definitely see brain chunks and pieces of various organs.

There is nothing else that an audience could ask for from this film. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day flick, this will please the action and gore-loving date along with the romance-loving one. Alternately, if you’re going solo, this is the perfect comedic thriller for any day of the week.

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Josh Collins, Associate Editor
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Jayden Beatty, Associate Editor
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