Homeroom ‘Chromebook check’ scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 18


Blake Loria

Teachers will fill out a form for students without a device or with a damaged Chromebook during the ‘Chromebook check.’ “Throughout the next few days, the iConnect center will be calling those kids in and figuring out why they don’t have one and what we can do to fix it,” iConnect coordinator Jessica Ray said. “We are going to make sure every single device is working and that everybody has a charger.”

To ensure students could transition to a virtual format if necessary, all Canyon ISD students will participate in a “Chromebook check” Wednesday, Nov. 18 during homeroom.

Students must bring their Chromebook or personal device fully-charged, wherein their homeroom teacher will ensure they have a device. Students will then fill out a Google Form—which will be sent to their grade level Google Classroom—regarding information such as their name and internet access.

“We have run into trouble the last few weeks where kids were quarantined, and they didn’t have devices that were working,” iConnect coordinator Jessica Ray said. “Their charger wasn’t working, or their Chromebook wasn’t working, so they couldn’t do school virtually. We need to make sure everything is working, so it is a seamless transition from school to home.”