Lombard earns 1200th win during December tournament


Sarah Nease

Joe Lombard coaches his team to his 1200th win while playing Fort Worth Arlington Heights in the AMA Techtel tournament.

During the Kids, Inc. and AMA TechTel tournament in the Canyon High gym Dec. 4-6,  Lady Eagles’ girls basketball head coach Joe Lombard earned his 1200th win against Fort Worth Arlington Heights. After a loss to undefeated Clovis, Canyon took home the third place trophy after a final game against the Wall Lady Hawks, coached by Lombard’s son, Tate Lombard.

The final game stayed within ten points throughout, with a final score of 35-28. Coach Joe Lombard said he did not enjoy playing Tate’s team.

“I want him to win every game,” Lombard said. “I love my son and am very proud of his work ethic and high standards. It did not feel like a normal win. I felt for him and his players.”

The preceding game was not a normal win because it was the 1200th of Lombard’s career. Lombard said he feels blessed to have coached long enough to have that kind of record.

“I love to study the game and its many strategies. It’s my passion.

— Joe Lombard

“I think a main reason for our success is that we get help from other people,” Lombard said. “I have many mentors and like to talk ‘shop’ with other coaches. We are always looking for better ways to do things and make the program stronger.”

Lombard said he is passionate about coaching because he loves working with young people and sports have always been very important in his life.

“I want to be good at anything I attempt,” Lombard said. “I love to study the game and its many strategies. It’s my passion.”