Campus ACT set for Wednesday


Kiley Duggan

The ACT is a national standardized test taken by students in high school.

Claire Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

Juniors will take the district-sponsored ACT test Wednesday in the small gym or in the 2300 hall. Students are asked to bring a calculator, number two pencils and a driver’s license or school identification.

Some test taking strategies include getting a good amount of sleep the night before testing and eating a healthy breakfast.

“The ACT will benefit my future because I want to go to college and all colleges require an ACT or SAT score,” junior Mia Bonds said. ” I want to take the ACT to get into college. Other than that, I want to develop my time management skills. If I score well enough on it I could get great scholarships to help pay for my future education.”

To find more information about the ACT, go to