Workers to complete roof repair in October


Braden Lefevre

Roofing materials line the fence between the academic building and gym. Principal Tim Gilliland said students and staff should avoid areas where supplies are located.

The administration is encouraging students to be cautious of roof work currently taking place on campus. This roof work will be completed by the end of October due to a delay by the roofing company responsible for completing the job.

“I believe there are three other campuses who were supposed to get new roofing before school even started, however the construction was delayed by the company doing the work,” Principal Tim Gilliland said.

While construction materials and workers are present, students and staff are asked to use caution.

Students and staff should watch out for roofing materials and not park near the dumpsters.

— Tim Gilliland, Principal

“In the meantime, students and staff should watch out for roofing materials and not park near the dumpsters,” Gilliland said. “Students should not talk to workers and workers should not talk to students.”

Gilliland said he felt optimistic about the finished product of the construction being done on campus.

“While we are waiting for the work to be completed, the tar may smell and it may get a little loud at times, but I know we are looking forward to having a roof over our heads that doesn’t leak,” Gilliland said.