Student section lacks courtesy during halftime performances


Photo by Ally McBroom, Photo Illustration by Claire Meyer

Reckless behavior in the student section has upset others attending football games.

Cheers echo through the stadium as the football team races away toward their halftime break. An introductory video plays as the band files onto the field in perfectly straight lines. Silence overtakes the crowd and music begins to play.

Or, that’s how it’s supposed to be. 

Recently, the student section has been scrutinized for interrupting the band performances during halftime. In the future, students should be more conscious of noise until a more appropriate time during the game or after the performances.

While football games are rowdy events, as they well should be, because cheering supports Canyon’s fantastic football team, students should also remember to support the band. Like the football team, the band works outside of normal school hours and on weekends during marching season to piece together the perfect show.

Almost everyone would want their efforts in something they care about to be recognized and appreciated, including those in the band. The student section should be willing to give their fellow classmates the courtesy they deserve for a few short minutes because if the roles were reversed, they would want it that way.

A performance is a performance, no matter who or where it is.

— Claire Meyer, 12

The band is very deserving of this respect because it would be given to many other performers. For instance, if, in some very awesome turn of events, a celebrity of Super Bowl standards showed up at Kimbrough Stadium, all attention will most likely be on them. Just because the band does not have flamethrowers or fancy stages doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of an attentive audience.

In fact, they may be more deserving, considering they not only give a show tailored to the school by spelling out CHS across the field, but they also provide entertaining music that makes watching the football game a more enjoyable experience. Briefly, a performance is a performance, no matter who or where it is. 

Of course, viewers are allowed to be loud and excitable. Especially during halftime, which is traditionally viewed as a break–a chance to grab a snack or tell your friend that story you remembered. However, there is time for all of that and noisier activities, before the band takes the field and after they have left and been properly applauded.

Singing and riling up the student section while the band is performing specifically for the audience is simply disrespectful to both the band and those, such as band parents, who attended the game for the show. Such behavior can actually ruin the experience for those attempting to listen over the ruckus. Students should also consider the repercussions of their behavior on the school itself. These actions reflect badly on Canyon’s reputation and the purple we wear. Students should keep in mind that the purple on countless jerseys, t-shirts and hoodies represent more than just football.

By giving respect, the student section will regain respect.

— Claire Meyer, 12

For a simple issue, though, there is a simple solution. During the presentation, students should attempt to avoid distracting or ill-mannered behaviors, such as singing or screaming. Even turning away from the show can be considered disrespectful. After these actions have been reconciled, parents and others hoping to enjoy the music will be able to do so. By giving respect, the student section will regain respect.

In short, the issue can be solved quickly and respectfully. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy the event they came to watch. This homecoming game, students can enjoy the football game, the band performance, the queen coronation and everything in between.