6 students chosen for Journalism Leadership positions



Six students were chosen for the different leadership roles in the Journalism Department.

Journalism Adviser Jasinia Frausto named six individuals to leadership positions for the 2023-2024 school year.

Interested students had to apply, interview and prepare a presentation for Frausto and business teacher Stephanie Bass.

“Mrs. Frausto approached me and asked me to help her with these interviews,” Bass said. “During the interviews and presentations I looked for the students to be outgoing, punctual and organized. I think these are qualities that you have to have in journalism.”

Application information was released on March 1 and interviews took place April 10.

“I was not surprised by the interviews or presentations, everyone prepared at the level I knew they could,” Frausto said. “I was impressed by how much thought and consideration students put into their presentations. It was amazing to see their ideas for their different roles and the impact they want to make on Canyon High School.”

The available roles included Eagle’s Tale Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Soaring Wings Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Editor and Business Manager.

“I applied to be the Business Manager and got chosen for that position,” junior Lexie Butler said. “As the business manager I will be responsible for promoting ad sales, keeping accurate financial records, communicating with businesses about their accounts, and sending out thank you letters and invoices.”

The leadership role of Social Media Editor will be brand new next year. Social Media Editor, Chloe Birnbaum will be pioneering these new positions.

“I am super pumped to be the first social media editor,” Birnbaum said. “There will definitely be some pressure being in this role, but I am so excited to be in a leadership position in the journalism program with some of my closest friends and cannot wait to see what this next school year has in store for us.”

Students who were selected are expected to work together for the betterment of the Journalism department bringing all three programs, newspaper, yearbook and digital design together.

“I think our leadership team will work well together and I’m excited to see how the program will excel with new management and fresh ideas,” Butler said. “I can’t wait to see what we accomplish as a team but also see how we grow as a team and family.”