Construction and engineering classes compete in Top of Texas Career & Technical Education Expo


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Construction and engineering students create projects to compete in the Top of Texas Career & Technical Education Expo.

Amarillo College will be hosting the Top of Texas Career & Technical Education Expo [TTCTE] this week. Construction and engineering students, taught by CHS shop teacher Bill Troyer, will compete against other Texas high schools. 

The TTCTE Expo is a contest and fair built into one event. Students will compete for scholarships and prizes by submitting projects they have worked on throughout the year. Projects are individually created by students using various types of materials, such as wood or metal. 

“As I progressed in his [Bill Troyer] class,” junior Jack Canada said. “I started to learn more about working with my hands and felt the satisfaction of being able to say that I made something, whether it was a design or an actual piece of furniture. I’ve always liked to make stuff since I was a little kid, but through this class, I’m actually able to make something I can use in my life on a day-to-day basis and continue to enjoy the creative process behind making it.”

The event includes more than submitting a project, students can also participate in on-site competitions. In displaying their skills and quality craftsmanship, students compete for prizes such as desired shop tools or scholarships. Students are also able to network with various companies to meet individuals working in these trade fields. 

“By competing in this contest I am able to gain more creativity and knowledge about woodworking,” Canada said. “I’m able to see projects from people outside of our school district. It [TTCTE] helps as I plan on becoming an engineer.”

As the competition comes to an end, students can immediately begin to work on next year’s projects.  

“I feel better going into this year than I did last year as I know what to expect and I have more projects than last year,” Canada said. “My craftsmanship has also improved and I hope that my creativity in my projects will hopefully win me some prizes.” 

Students do not have to participate in an engineering or construction class to compete in TTCTE. Senior Berdena DeGroot who is not enrolled in Troyer’s class is competing.

“Over Spring Break, I worked on our bathroom door, since we didn’t have one,” DeGroot said. “I was able to finish it not long after that. I am entering a table that I made a while back. Mr. Troyer said it was super cool and to enter it.”

Senior student Tyler began creating his projects in December due to the football season ending. Despite the delay, he says that he enjoys the creativity.

“It’s a big puzzle,” Troyer said “Once you draw it all out, get all your pieces and then put it all together. I really enjoy it because you can create something that nobody else can. It’s very unique.”