‘The Stanley Parable’ will knock players flat


Erin Sheffield

Staff member and gamer John Flatt demonstrates The Stanley Parable.

With beautiful narration, an amazing plot and twists around almost every corner, “The Stanley Parable” is a comedy-packed adventure game with secrets lurking in every nook and cranny.

“The Stanley Parable” remains the only title released by game developer Galactic Cafe in 2013 and was nominated for three British  Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards, including “Best Story,” “Best Game Innovation” and “Best Debut Game.”

The game follows the story of Stanley, a man who works pushing buttons in an office building , and has 17 incredibly enjoyable endings, each following its own path from the initial decision. The game is narrator-driven, with British voice actor Kevan Brightening lending his talents and fully immersing the player in the storyline. Brightening’s acerbic style of comedy makes the game incredibly enjoyable and funny. It had me doubled over in my chair at times.

I consider this game one of the best of its genre.”

— John Flatt, 10

The graphics have little impact on the story but are overall acceptable, and I have not experienced a glitch or bug in the time I have spent playing the story. The game is available on Valve’s Steam gaming market for $14.99 and is well worth the price.

I consider this game one of the best of its genre. It has a story that left me both in stitches and questioning my reality. “The Stanley Parable” will be a worthy addition to a game library.