The Pony Express leaves meal to guest

Decisions upon decisions are spread out on the front counter. Mexican spices and salsas create a colorful spread. Anything could make a meal, and one wrong choice could ruin it. This western-style Mexican restaurant is exactly like a Subway for burritos.

Pony Express Burritos is located at 2808 4th Ave. It is open between the hours of 7a.m. to 9p.m. Monday through Saturday. This new western-style restaurant welcomes customers with its friendly environment and approachable employees as well as its cleanliness.

This eatery has many different items to zing up the entrée. Pony Express offers a quesadilla, burrito, or a taco bowl as the main entrée. The main entrée items, such as the chicken and rice, are actually quite bland and flavorless. The customer then selects the meat, vegetables, and any other choice item to spice up the entrée. The items chosen to go with the entrée are what really make the meal. It can go from a microwaved burrito to a salsa party in a single seasoning. The choice items include jalapenos, queso, refried beans, cilantro and many different types of salsa.

Some of their choice items are not what The Pony Express makes them out to be. When they offer potatoes, they don’t mean real potatoes. They will simply grab a handful of tater tots and crush them right into the entrée. Did they just make a run to Sonic and pick up its leftovers? They also do not offer lettuce and instead offer cabbage as an unusual and unsatisfying substitute.

This is no fast food restaurant, and it is not priced that way. A simple meal can cost almost $10, while a drink is nearly $2. However, with the right items, the food can definitely be worth the price. The burritos and taco bowls are huge and quite filling and the breakfast burritos can brighten any morning. I would absolutely recommend to everyone to give Pony Express Burritos a chance to spice up breakfast, lunch or dinner.