Zaddok Mullins

Junior Zaddok Mullins hikes through Pecos Wilderness in News Mexico.

“We [friends and family] always used to go camping, so it just became a part of my life,” junior Zaddok Mullins said. “I’ve gone to Crucis basin in New Mexico, Colorado, of course, Palo Duro Canyon just places like that. We normally go with 12 people, so it’s a fairly large group. We pack up our big backpacks, we go in with just the necessities like food and what we need to make shelter. Then we’ll hike in and set up a base camp. We hang out, do whatever, go on a few hikes and come back at night, make the food. When we wake up in the morning, we pack up all their stuff and we hike to a different base camp set up and we just do that for four or five days.”