Drama Club inspires love for theater


Nicole Butcher

Drama Club meets in the auditorium after school on Thursdays. “We try to get involved with the community, so we try to pick up some service projects,” club sponsor Kylie Howell said. “It’s been really neat to watch Drama Club members mentor younger students and put into practice what they’ve learned to teach little kids about theatre, music, and dance.”

Footsteps and laughter echo from the stage, backpacks and students lining the seats of the auditorium. In front of them plays out a dramatic tale, starring an extremely indecisive king. As he curtly orders an execution, proceeds to cancel it, and order it, and cancel it, giggles arise from the small crowd, quickly turning into laughter. Before long, the harrowing tale comes to an end, sounded by a short call for the next skit.

Drama Club is an extension of the theater department that, club sponsor Kylie Howell said, helps support the program and expand on students’ existing experiences with theater.

“It’s a way for students and the school to appreciate and view life here,” Howell said. “It kind of supports the department with ushering and things that support the productions and events we do. It’s also a place for us to get together and do some things we may not have time to do in class or in a production and learn about improv, play games, team-build and do some fun theatre activities that run alongside what we normally do.”

They’re really showing up and showing out and I’m really proud of that.”

— Lauren Taylor, Drama Club president

Because of the school’s changes to activity period, meetings have been moved after school, expanding the amount of time available for projects and events.

“The club typically would meet during activity period, but we’ve shifted to afternoons on Thursdays, and I’ve actually really enjoyed that time spot,” Howell said. “It gives us a little bit more time, and a little more freedom, so we’re not really having to worry about what else is going on during that activity period slot. Rather than our meeting time being so short, where we can only talk about upcoming events, I feel like we’ve actually been able to do more activities.”

Senior Lauren Taylor has been club president for the last two years.

“Our charity work has been the most impactful I think,” Taylor said. “Doing our Adopt an Angel and Snack Pak, because we are proving that we’re not just Drama Club–we meet after school, we go see shows and we do whatever–we’re also helping our community as much as we can.”

The club is open to all students, whether they are in the theater program or not.

“It’s pure fun,” Taylor said. “To spread the love for theater to everyone, whether or not they are in a theatre class, whether or not they plan to pursue theatre after high school. It’s just giving everyone an opportunity to do theatre.”

It’s been really neat to watch Drama Club members mentor younger students and put into practice what they’ve learned.”

— Kylie Howell, Drama Club sponsor

In addition to activities and games for students, the club puts on yearly workshops for younger kids interested in theater.

“Over two days on a weekend in December, we get a bunch of kids, ages kindergarten through eighth grade,” Taylor said. “And they come up here and we teach them about theatre, then we write a show and the kids put it on. So they go through three different areas, dancing, acting, and singing, and that’s something that we’ve tried to continue. Unfortunately, we can’t this year obviously, but it’s something that I’m proud of.”

Taylor said seeing new students come in and take part this year gives her hope for the future of the club.

“My favorite part of Drama Club this year is seeing how involved the freshmen are,” Taylor said. “In years past, the freshmen haven’t really been into it, but this year it’s like they’ve brought it up to a whole new level, and it really makes me happy knowing next year they’re gonna take care of the space. They’re just really showing up and showing out, and I’m really proud and really happy about that.”