The Eagle’s Tale to publish content throughout summer


Abigail Bell

The Eagle’s Tale staff aims to provide quality content over the next few months.

The Eagle’s Tale will continue publishing content throughout summer break after the end of the school year Friday, May 22.

We will resume daily posts in fall. Co-editor-in-chief Abigail Bell said although the publication will not be posting as frequently, readers can still expect quality content.

“We will post updates on coronavirus protocols as we receive news from administrators and state officials, but we also are looking into more light-hearted stories,” Bell said. “We are considering doing a series of food reviews which should be fun. Additionally, we want to highlight student achievements and staff blogs from this past year in an ‘In Case You Missed It’ series.”

Another change the publication will go through is the overall website, with redesigns to the page layouts currently being planned.

“As a high school student and journalist, it is easy to focus on the negative aspects of this year–it is my goal to help support and show the more positive side of it to the world,” Bell said. “We will have a new adviser this year, so we will have some changes. However, change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I look forward to seeing how we advance and learn as individuals and as a staff.”