Credit for advancement registration open until Friday, May 15


Blake Loria

Each credit for advancement course will last from Monday, June 1-Friday, July 24.

Students can register for CISD’s virtual credit for advancement summer classes until Friday, May 15 on MyPaymentsPlus, with classes lasting from June 1-July 24.

The courses offered for all students are health, physical education and business information management, with government and economics available for juniors and seniors. Each course costs $100 unless the students receives free and reduced lunch, in which case each course is $50. Summer school principal Jessica Ray said taking the classes is a good way for students to further their education.

They’re still going to have to work hard and learn a lot.”

— Jessica Ray, summer school principal

“Credit for advancement is good for kids who want to take electives and the only way they can take iConnect or Choir or Athletics, or even AP classes are to take these classes during the summer,” Ray said. “The classes are still what they would learn in a normal year, and I don’t want kids to get the false hope it is easier. They’re still going to have to work hard and learn a lot.”

Ray said enrolled students should expect a staff member to contact them through email or Google Hangouts around the last week of May. Students in the credit for advancement program will keep their chromebooks over the summer.

“Just know there are going to be teachers available to them [students] through the process,” Ray said. “Teachers are still trying to finish up school, so when they start working on summer school they will start contacting. I will also be emailing a form if they need their Chromebook and will be sending that out after May 15, after everyone is signed up. We will get the help they need, even if it isn’t in person.”