Classic cookie meets new competition


Kiley Duggan

Journalism staffers tasted six versions of Oreo Thins and selected a favorite.

The yearbook and newspaper staffs joined together to explore some of the new flavors of Oreo Thins with each staffer writing comments and rating the different flavors from least to greatest. The classic cookie has evolved from a chocolate cookie, vanilla icing pair to many different flavors and combinations just waiting to dance across taste buds. Read on for the staffers’ comments and ratings of six flavors that might just help you next time you are at Walmart looking for a sweet tooth fix.

For the first flavor, we choose to keep it simple and classic with the Original Oreo cookie. Right off the bat, the cookie received comments like “classic” and “can’t go wrong with an original,” but with each of those the cookie also received some “lacks pizzazz” and “it’s kinda boring.” By the end of our first round, we concluded that although this classic combination is something you can always trust, it is also less exciting than the other flavor options. Overall the cookie was given third out of six places.

Next, we tried the mint and chocolate flavored Oreos. A couple of “oohs” and “ahhs” later, the refreshing chocolate and mint combination was instantly a favorite with the majority of the staff. The cookie brought memories of a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie, with the mint blending well with the chocolate in a perfect balance of flavors. Be advised, if mint is not a flavor you enjoy this may not be the cookie for you. Overall the cookie was given second out of six places.

To conclude the chocolate cookie portion of the taste test, we tried the Chocolate Coconut Cream Oreo. Biting into the cookie the coconut flavor was slow to come in, once the flavor reached our pallets we were not impressed. The coconut flavor was one more of coconut oil, soft and bland. The cookie and icing tried to make up for the disappointing flavor but in the end, it just became too sweet. Overall the cookie was given fourth out of sixth.

Moving on to the golden cookie we tasted the Golden Original first. The vanilla cookie with the vanilla filling surprised us with how good it was, as we were expecting the flavor to be a bit boring. Though the flavor was simple, the sweetness was just right. In the end, we really enjoyed the flavor but the cookie was decided against being a favorite as we would rather have a chocolate original. Overall the cookie was given fifth out of six.

For the second Oreo on the golden cookie list, we tried the Lemon Oreo. From first bite the freshness of the lemon moved the golden cookie up the ranks, taking place of the classic chocolate cookie. The lemon filling made the golden cookie much better than it was before, as they complemented each other’s flavor. Some of the staffers went as far as to say that the cookie and the lemon creme filling was “addictive.” The lemon flavor was not overpowering or too sweet, but one staffer commented that it was “lacking the tartness you would often expect in a lemon cookie.” Overall the cookie was given first out of the six.

Finally, we tried the Salted Caramel Oreo. Some of the staff was excited to try this bold flavor, but others were hesitant. While half of us dug in ready for the taste bud adventure, the other half cautiously sniffed and nibbled at the cookie for their taste. Expecting to taste salted caramel as advertised on the package, we were met with a flavor entirely different, maple. Agreeing that the cookie tasted more like a maple doughnut rather than the Oreo we expected, you could say we were a little disappointed. As we continued to taste the cookie with another bite, most of us found the flavor of the cookie to be changing, starting with rich maple then sharp saltiness. Overall the cookie was given sixth out of six.

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