Big boots to fill

Junior steps into role of Gaston


Macy Mitchell

While playing Gaston, junior Josiah Dye flexes on top of a table for the taverne people.

As the actors recite their lines, he prepares to take the stage. He looks in the mirror and sees himself in a burgundy vest with voluminous, silky jet-black hair styled perfectly atop his head. He thinks back to the different people he has characterized, all of them preparing him for this moment. He hears his cue and Josiah Dye enters the stage, not as a junior at Canyon High, but as the main villain of “Beauty and the Beast,” the arrogant brute, Gaston.

It’s really cool to act on stage with your friends and it just builds a bond that’s like family.

— Josiah Dyes, 11

Josiah Dye has acted in the school musical for the past two years, singing in the chorus in the production “Cinderella,” and playing a member of a trio in “Crazy for You.” After a successful audition, Dye said he is preparing to take on his largest role yet, Gaston.

“The audition process can be stressful because there are so many talented people here at Canyon High,” Dye said. “However, it’s mostly just a lot of fun because I am friends with all the people I auditioned with. We hold auditions after school, and everyone gets in a line on stage. We then sing a song for the audition, then we act and have a dancing audition.”

Dye said that he has long been fascinated by the character he has the opportunity to play.

“When we found out last year we were doing this play, my first thought was I wanted to try out for the part of Gaston, because he’s a very fun character, and I’ve never portrayed a villain before,” Dye said. “I remember watching the movie when I was little and liking Gaston’s character because he is weird and funny in a certain way.”

Although his character fails to create a bond of matrimony with the musical’s main character, Belle, Dye said he has created lasting bonds with his fellow cast members.

“I truly think we will have a great show this year,” Dye said. “The musical is a lot of fun to be in and to watch. It’s really cool to act on stage with your friends, and it just builds a bond that’s like family.”