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Is the Stanley Cup worth it?

Trends come and go, just like everything else on the internet. First, we had the Hydroflasks shoot to fame in 2020 and four short years later we have another water bottle obsession, the Stanley Cup. 

What is a Stanley Cup? 

Stanley cups are a brand of reusable water bottles that come in diverse colors, designs, and sizes. While the brand carries classic water bottles, the most popular version is “The Quencher H2.0” line, a drink tumbler with a straw and handles that come in 14-ounce through 64-ounce versions.

The Stanley brand has been around for over 100 years but historically focused on working-class types as shoppers. They broadly promoted their products to people who love camping and hiking or active jobs such as construction workers.

Traditionally sold to men with an iconic green color, the brand has opened up to female buyers in recent years, seeing an influx of nurses, social media influencers, and now teenagers interested in buying its products.

Why are they popular? 

How Did The Stanley Quencher Become So Popular?

The Stanley brand brags about the incomparable quality of its famous tumblers, which are double-wall stainless steel and can keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods. The bottle is heavy — Quenchers can carry as much as 64 ounces of liquid — but it has the size to keep a person completely hydrated and also still be able to fit in cup holders due to the tumbler’s smaller bottom.

As a testament to its durability, last November a woman’s car caught fire and amazingly one of the few things that survived was her Stanley water bottle, which still held ice afterward.

Aside from its durability, there is a lot of focus on the enjoyment of drinking through various color options, one of the Quencher’s big selling points. The tumbler comes in a variety of colors — from “Tigerlily”  and “Rose Quartz” to “Charcoal” and “Balsam Glow.” 


Are they worth it? 

Customers of the Stanley Cups love them, but here are two reasons the average consumer might become a lover of Stanley.

For one, these cups can hold any amount of whatever drink you put inside. While the Stanley brand makes cups of all sizes, the cup that has taken over the internet is the 40 oz. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate. The tumbler is only moderately bulky and comes with a nice straw.

Secondly, temperature control is a needed factor for these kinds of cups. Customers need to know that their cold drinks will stay cold and their hot drinks will stay hot without being too uncomfortable to hold. Stanley has done a terrific job on the temperature control for their tumblers.

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