Café Reopened


Lucero Curampa

Students in line to order from the Caribou Coffee Café during lunch. “Everyone can find something they like,” sophomore Tylar Estep said. The Cafe is open to students before school and during both lunches.

The Caribou Coffee Café is now open, serving students before school and during both lunches. The Caribou Coffee Café, located in the library, is open Monday through Friday on school days.

The Café offers choices for coffee and serves a variety of treats and snacks, including muffins, pretzels and parfaits. 

“I like being able to have different options other than main sodas.” Sophomore Tylar Estep said. “Everyone can find something they like.”

Those wanting to purchase from Caribou Coffee Café must pay with cash or their school account.

The school lunch provider, Chartwells, partnered up with Caribou Coffee to provide the Café. Like school lunches, there are regulations the café has to follow on the amount of sugar they serve.

“We are trying to make the coffee better each day, and since they don’t let us put too much sugar in the coffee it’s not as sweet or good as other coffees,” barista Lili Portillo said.