Canyon High graduate sponsors $500 scholarship for seniors


Graphic Illustration by Caroline Ragland

The Class of 2011 scholarship–which is sponsored by an anonymous Canyon High graduate–until Wednesday, March 31. The scholarship is available exclusively to Canyon High seniors and requires students to submit a cumulative GPA, class rank, ACT or SAT score, expected family contribution to college tuition and students’ planned area of study and college.

Seniors can apply for the Class of 2011 Scholarship, worth $500, through Wednesday, March 31. An anonymous Canyon High graduate sponsored the scholarship which is available to Canyon High seniors only.

According to the scholarship’s application details, the recipient of the scholarship will be based on a combination of merit and need. Students also need to fill out the FAFSA prior to applying. College and career counselor Cory Gropp said students have a higher chance of  receiving this scholarship than others.

“It’s local, meaning students are not competing with other seniors from this area or nationally,” Gropp said. “This scholarship is unique; it actually goes straight to the students. The winner can use the money for a new computer, to put it into a bank account, or to pay tuition.” 

Requirements for the scholarship are a cumulative GPA, class rank, ACT or SAT score, expected family contribution to college tuition and students’ planned area of study and college.

“Applying was easy,” senior Devin Robinson said. “I followed the link and wrote the essay. The scholarship isn’t as competitive to the other ones I’ve applied for, and it’s nice knowing it’s given based on real need, not just who has the most impressive accomplishments. I would definitely encourage people to go after it. There’s nothing to lose.”

This scholarships unique; it actually goes straight to the students.”

— Cory Gropp, college and career counselor

Students need to write a 500-word essay over the provided prompt: Describe a challenge or adversity you have overcome in your life, and explain how this experience has equipped you to make a positive impact on the world.

“The essay wasn’t hard to write,” Robinson said. “I’m going to the University of New Mexico. If I receive the money, I plan on using the money to either buy books, or a new computer since so much is going to be online next fall. It will help a lot. Even if I don’t get the it, I’ll be happy for whoever does.”

Students applying for the scholarship will list their major honors, activities and volunteering hours throughout high school. 

“Students need to be detailed about their application,” Gropp said. “It only really takes about 5 minutes to apply. It’s 5 minutes for $500. Students have to be smart about what kind of college they want to go to and what level of debt they’re willing to take on. Scholarships are important because they reduces your costs, for the present and the future.”

Gropp said the scholarship is an opportunity for seniors to honor a Canyon High alumnus. 

“This scholarship sponsored by the alumni is a big honor for the campus,” Gropp said. “The more students that apply for the scholarship, the more likely it will be that this is an option for next years seniors. Hopefully it can continue throughout the years. Seniors applying now can help seniors in the future.”