Front office renovations completed


Charlie Clark

Before renovations started, a safety team from the district’s Support Center evaluated Canyon High School. Assistant principal Mark McCulloch and Canyon High Resource Officer Daniel Roach moved into new offices as a part of the renovations, and attendance clerk Jennifer Douglass moved to the 2200 hallway.

After beginning construction in summer of 2019, the south entrance and front office finished their renovations in August.

Plans for office renovations began after the Santa Fe school shooting on May 18, 2018, which resulted in 10 deaths and 10 casualties. Santa Fe is a school with similar demographics to that of Canyon High. Principal Jennifer Boren said the changes allow for administrative staff to keep a better eye on students.

“One thing that was discovered here at Canyon High was we didn’t have what is called a safe vestibule,” Boren said. “It’s an entry place for visitors to come in where before they can get into the building where students and teachers are. They have an opportunity to state what they’re needing; why they are here.”

A safety team from the CISD District Support Center evaluated Canyon High as a part of a district-wide initiative to make schools in the district safer. Several entrances to the school were given an additional set of doors.

I feel like the original mission of safety has been accomplished with the remodel.

— Jennifer Boren, principal

“Last summer, the bank of doorways was put in so there are doors that come in, and there are doors that were always there,” Boren said. “Then there is another bank of door. The point at that time was to have visitors be able to come in and push a button and be able to speak to someone in here, but not be able to be let into the office or the school without us buzzing them in.”

Assistant principal Mark McCulloch moved into the front office. Attendance clerk Jennifer Douglas is now situated at Canyon High Resource Officer Daniel Roach’s previous office.

“Ever since I’ve been here, my office has always been in the 2200 hallway,” Office Roach said. “Now, I’m at the front office. Kids are welcome to come into my office any time. If they know where I’m at, and they know where my office is, they can just come knock on my door.”

The offices of several staff members have been altered to include windows and good vantage points. Roach said moving his office adds a better sense of security to the school and those in the front office.

“It helps the security of the school simply because as anybody comes into our school, the first thing they see are the Canyon Police stickers,” Roach said. “I’m sitting right there in the front office as well, and that gives an added sense of security. I’m no longer out of sight, out of mind; I’m more upfront.”

 Final adjustments were made to better accommodate the staff and students.

“Parent’s would’ve been using this new door, but they would be coming in behind the counter directly into our secretary’s workspace,” Boren said. “I asked for the counters to be redone so when people use that door and come in, they’re coming into another waiting area, not directly into the desks and workspaces.”

Small alterations such as new rugs were installed by using leftover items from CISD’s previous renovations.

“We decided to take the front office and brighten it up, and then we also chose to put a purple wall in there for some school spirit,” Boren said. “I feel like the original mission of safety has been accomplished with the remodel. We want the front office to be a place that’s welcoming and shows our culture.”