Glow Crazy Neon Dance set for Feb. 1


Claire Meyer

The Glow Crazy Neon Dance is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 1.

The Student Council will host the Glow Crazy Neon Dance Saturday, Feb. 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. in the commons. 

Students must pay $10 to attend and can pay on My Payments Plus by Friday, Jan. 31 or at the door.  Dress code is casual, and concessions will be available. Student Council sponsor Kimberly Sharber said the proceeds from the dance will benefit the school.

“The money we earn helps pay for a bunch of different things that will lift the spirit around campus,” Shaber said. “Part of the proceeds will go towards United Way, and the rest will go to the Student Council fund which all goes back to our school in some form or fashion. The dance is a good way to get involved with our school.” 

The 125 members of the Student Council chose the theme for the dance. 

“At the beginning of the year, I met with some of the officers,” Sharber said. “Our number one goal was to create opportunities for students to cross paths with one another. They felt like one of the main things missing from our campus were events were students could make friends, feel included and hang out with the friends they do have. We felt a dance was a good option for this.” 

Our number one goal was to create opportunities for students to cross paths with one another.

— Kimberly Sharber, Student Council Sponsor

Sharber said Student Council really wanted the theme to be Neon. 

“We were very mindful of a day on the calendar,” Sharber said. “There weren’t a lot of things that will conflict. It is maybe a good opportunity for the ones who don’t feel a part of other things to be a part of. This is more a neutral thing where everybody is invited.”

Sharber said while the neon dance is a new idea, the Student Council incorporated feedback from the homecoming dance.

“We know the playlist will be very similar, and we’ll be taking requests,” Sharber said. “We did learn that we need to have snacks. Bottled water will be free, and we’ll just have some snacks that we aren’t making a huge profit out of. It will all be $2 or under.”

Junior Haven Henderson, who is in interior design, is helping with the decorations. 

“I think the neon dance will be better than the homecoming dance,” Henderson said. “I’m really looking forward to it. There is going to be paint splatters in the tunnel entrance. The class has been working really hard on it.”

Henderson is one of 25 students who are working on the decorations for the dance. 

We have a bunch of neon tape that is spiraling into the center of the floor like a dance floor.

— Haven Henderson, 11

“We’ve been deciding how the floors are going to be and the entrance when you walk in, and we are planning how the lights and things are going to be,” Henderson said. “We have a bunch of neon tape that is spiraling into the center of the floor like a dance floor.  I think it’s fine to not have a Valentine’s Day dance. The neon dance is different, and it’s going to be very fun.”

Another option for the theme was Valentine’s Day. 

“We thought the themes we threw out were going to be a Valentine’s dance,” Shaber said. “The students ended up choosing glow in the dark and neon. Students can bring their own glow in the dark devices, but we don’t want them throwing them or breaking them. Students can bring glow in the dark anything as long as they are used appropriately.”

Sharber said Student Council expects a large turnout for the dance. 

“It looks like most students will be able to come,” Sharber said. “At the homecoming dance, Ag was out, the choir was gone, band was gone. This was a huge chunk of our school, but we still had 400 students show up. We’re expecting more for this dance because there aren’t so many conflicts, but I would be happy if we had the same amount of kids come to this dance.”

Sharber said she is open to ideas to make the dances better. 

“We love feedback,” Sharber said. “If it is not the consensus of the student body, then it’s not what interests them. If you don’t come, we won’t have another one. But, we’re trying these different opportunities to bring our campus together. If students want more of these opportunities, they have to come and support it.”