Choir students advance to Pre-Area


Courtesy of Stacy Glenn

The All-Region Choir performs at West Texas A&M University Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Following the All-Region auditions Nov. 4, 31 students will advance to the Pre-Area auditions Dec. 2.

All-Region choir auditions, the second audition of the four all-state process auditions, were held at Amarillo High. Students who advanced to Pre-Area also participated in the Region concert and clinic Tuesday, Nov. 7. Sophomore Mark Porter placed fourth chair in the bass one section.

“I feel pretty confident about how I auditioned,” Porter said. “Once you step into that room, all you can do is sing as well as you can and hope the judges like it.”

Each vocal section features 17 auditionees competing for 12 chairs. Junior Erin Sheffield, who placed first chair soprano one, said the moment before is what matters when auditioning for these events. 

They’re some of the most supportive, wonderful people I’ve ever met.”

— Erin Sheffield, 11

“Honestly, what I love about the audition process isn’t when you go in the room,” Sheffield said. “It isn’t when you’re finding out results, because that’s not the point. You can win first place all you want, but it doesn’t mean that much. What really matters is what happens before you go in the room. The stereotype for soprano ones is we’re all vicious, and we want to take each other down, and yet, they’re some of the most supportive, wonderful people I’ve ever met.”

During auditions, students are required to sing segments from three prepared pieces of music and sight-read a short piece of music they have never seen before for judges. Porter said being nervous while auditioning is unavoidable.

“There always is a little bit of nervousness,” Porter said. “People always say, ‘If you’re not nervous, that’s a bad sign’, but you can’t be unconfident in yourself.”

Head choir director Brandon Farren said the choir students worked hard to prepare their audition pieces for auditions. 

“It’s amazing what these kids can do,” Farren said. “I knew they had done the work, because they’re in here every single day, and we rehearsal at 7:30 in the morning. They’re putting in time at home, after school. These kids work incredibly hard. I was more proud than anything else.”

Farren said his students have continued to work hard even after the audition.   

“It’s not what you do from day-to-day; it’s the long-term that’s so hard,” Farren said. “I just hope and pray they continue to keep their perseverance going.”


Soprano 1

1st chair – Erin Sheffield

4th chair – Tori Ross

6th chair – Alexis Bodkin

10th chair – Krissy Niles

Soprano 2

2nd chair – Audrey Hughes

3rd chair – Katelyn Spivey

5th chair – Haley Williams

7th chair – E’Lyse Niles

9th chair – Taryn Glenn

11th chair – Emily Tull

Alto 1

2nd chair – Mia Bonds

2nd alternate – Alyson Hunt

Alto 2

1st chair – Claire Horn

4th chair – Kaleigh Rodarte-Suto

6th chair – Rebecca Granda

7th chair – Emma Sheets

10th chair – Gracie Tidmore

Tenor 1

9th chair – Kaleb Donais

11th chair – Michael Soliz

Tenor 2

1st chair – Mitchell Hernandez

6th chair – Levi Wilkins

2nd alternate – Nolan Quintanilla

Bass 1

1st chair – Nathan Solomon

4th chair – Mark Porter

5th chair – Joshua Moreno

11th chair – Landon Finke

12th chair – Rafe Butcher

Bass 2

1st chair – Tobin Brooks

2nd chair – Josiah Dye

3rd chair – Conner Nall

9th chair – Brennan Copeland

1st alternate – James Lemmon

2nd alternate – Isaac Kizziar